Benefiting from VaR: Quick Guidelines for Commodity Risk Practitioners

All Management is Risk Management:  Douglas Barlow

EBook - Benefiting from VaRIf there are gaps in your Risk Management Function, you can never use it to benefit the business.

Since Risk Management is critical for all Energy / Commodity companies today, many companies are putting in efforts to bring it into their strategic fold. It is high time you and your risk team took charge to structure your entire risk process in a way that can deliver clear benefits to your business.

And that’s why our consultants and analysts have worked together to bring out an e-book for commodity risk practitioners. Each section in this E-Book is written around a clear business benefit and how to achieve it.

Here’s what you will read inside:

Quick Guidelines to use Risk Management to achieve following Business Benefits:

  • Reduce Portfolio Risks
  • Increase Turnover
  • Reduce Costs, Improve Bottom-line
  • Comfort Shareholders
  • Cut Losses from Random Shocks
  • Get Deeper Business Insights




The Complete Handbook of Commodity Risk Software Requirements

How to achieve the most suited Risk system?

E-Book - The Complete handbook of Risk Requirements2If you are looking for a Commodity Risk System to manage your market and credit risks, you must have a very well-documented set of requirements for the system. This E-Book is the Complete Handbook of Commodity Risk Software Requirements that you’ll ever need. It covers the Commodity Risk Management system requirements that would be suited for most companies, with minor customizations. It is written with an objective to save precious time and effort by companies in drafting such requirements and give them a huge head-start in kicking off this initiative. You can simply refer to the requirements in this document and tweak it a little bit over a couple of days to suit your business, and it’s done 

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this E-Book:

  •  Broad overview of Risk Systems
  • Requirements for Risk Measurement – Market Risk and Credit Risk
  • How to comply with Regulatory Reporting
  • What kind of Risk Reporting and Risk Control should you have
  • Risk Analytics requirements
  • Technology challenges and how to manage them
  • Integration requirements for a stable system


Please note that this E-Book will be made available to people from Energy / Commodity companies only, so please register with your official email id.



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We analysed and collated our top 3 blog posts that got most amount of adulation from you, and put it in an easy-to-read, downloadable format of an E-Book so you can re-read it and keep it with you for future reference ! Thank you for reading our blogs and for all your wonderful comments and suggestions – do keep them flowing to us !


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Knowledge Series:

Understanding Volatility


As a first Article in our Knowledge Series, we present one of the most critical, but also the least understood concept in Commodity Risk Management – Volatility. In this short article, we tell you how to calculate volatility, the common pitfalls to avoid, and the various methods to calculate it.

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Historical vs Implied Volatility


In this part of our Knowledge Series, we present the difference between Historical (Realized) and Implied Volatility. We take a couple of examples of Coffee and Sugar and see how their Historical and Implied volatilities moved over a period of time.

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