The Context:

Increase in commodity price volatility is now being taken as a “New Normal”. It connects various other phenomenon such as liquidity issues, credit risk, basis risk and forex risk among others, and is bringing in volatility in organization’s bottom-lines, margins, procurement budgets, and thereby the shareholder’s value.

Our Belief:

Here’s a quick 2-min Video about our Belief – Why We Do What We Do?

We believe that managing risk is an integral part of running a commodity business now, and risk aversion or even ignoring risk will be detrimental for the business. Market and credit risks can no longer be ignored or relegated to just a specific function in the organization; rather it has to be managed well with cooperation and coordination across various functions / departments. And that’s the only way to ensure sustainability and competitiveness.

Organizations that defer adopting sophisticated Risk Management processes, policy formulations, technological advancements and new-age solutions to old problems, will struggle to maintain margins and profitability vis-a-vis their competitors, and will eventually face sustainability issues. Risk processes in silos, disconnected risk review meetings, an un-integrated approach, disconnect between risk analysts and business heads, use of geeky and non-scalable software systems will all play their role in aggravating the struggle for better risk management.

Risk Edge Solutions is built with a team of experts in managing market and credit risks for commodity businesses. We present innovative, cost-effective, and applicable solutions to our clients in the form of policy formulations / reviews, bench-marking existing risk processes with the best ones, and our sophisticated Risk Management Software Product – RiskEdge, to manage the entire process.

So whether you are looking to start a fresh Risk Management software initiative in your organization, or review and upgrade your processes and systems to cover the best practices in Risk Management, we can play an instrumental role in achieving your goals.

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