If you’d like to build or strengthen your Risk Management process in your organization almost immediately but are constrained by resources such as people, infrastructure, know-how, tools, processes, etc. we can help you by operating your Risk Management processes at our off-shore location and with complete confidentiality & security of your data through our Risk Services.

There are quite a few reasons why you may consider operating your risk division from an off-shore location:

  • You’ll get the time that you need to hire and build a risk management team, at a pace which you prefer.
  • You need not purchase any software / tool / other infrastructure to run your risk division’s operations; we will use our own proprietary software solution and our infrastructure to generate risk numbers and analytics and share it with you at every end of the day.
  • You can do away with hiring and training analysts periodically to understand and analyze the risk reports, as all that will be taken one time with our team.
  • You need not build the infrastructure required to build and maintain a Risk Division, since our analysts will be sitting offshore and will be sending your senior and top-management daily / monthly reports on analysis.
  • You’ll have a stable process and tool working for your organization really quickly, potentially saving your organization lots of dollars which would be at risk during that period.
  • You can take over the entire process back into your organization at any time you want, whenever you are ready!


Apart from these, there are some additional benefits of taking our Risk Services which may not seem significant initially, but will be really helpful at a later stage:

  • Having a process customized for your organization (e.g. some organizations need daily reporting and monthly review meetings, while others want weekly reporting with quarterly meetings).
  • A Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) mechanism, which includes moving some of our analysts, with their knowledge of your processes and your data, can be moved to your organization, thus allowing you to hit the ground running whenever your organization is ready to manage a full-fledged Risk Division. And till such time, you do not lose any of the advantages of having a risk division as well!