Risk Management Training

Risk Training

We believe in changing the status quo of Risk Management for commodities industry. We specialize in Market and Credit Risk Management techniques and processes and bring the best-practices in risk management to each and every player in the commodities industry.


  • Improve efficiency of your internal Risk Management Team through their enhanced understanding of nuances and latest advancements in Risk Management.
  • Reduce your costs of managing risks by bettering Risk techniques and deriving more value from your existing Risk Management Function.
  • Improve your existing Risk processes with a better understanding of best-practices
  • Analyze your risk reports better, with advanced understanding of Risk Analysis
  • Get in sync with the Risk practices followed by some of the industry leaders


How does it Work?

We’ve carefully designed our training program to include the most overlooked, most critical areas of Risk Management in your organization. And we go about delivering these training programs in a very different way as well.

We undertake a quick 2-3 day study of various functions in your organization to assess their understanding of Risk Management, your existing processes and tools and other risk related collaterals. It gives us a deeper understanding of your specific risk training needs allowing us to customize our program according to your business, your commodities and your people.

  • We conduct 1-day to 3-day on-site training programs for groups of 5 to 20 people.
  • We do an in-depth analysis of your current processes and collaterals, and customize our training program accordingly.
  • We interact with your people and group them based on their function and their current understanding of Risk Management, thereby avoiding scenarios of training program being too complex or redundant for some individuals.
  • We conduct an end-of-program evaluation to ascertain the level of Risk Management know-how of your people, so that you can measure the value delivery.


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