Manage Data

Eliminate Spreadsheet Mess


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If you use spreadsheets for Risk Management, how sure are you of the accuracy of data and calculations? RiskEdge helps you completely eliminate the Spreadsheet mess for Risk Processes, and gives you transparent and reliable information that you can take decisions on, confidently. In fact, RiskEdge increases efficiency of team by more than 2 times with just this feature !


Accurate & Reliable data will aid decision-making significantly.

How We Manage Data Differently?


Automated Imports

RiskEdge can import daily positions and prices automatically by either connecting to the data source or by picking up data stored in excels in local drives.

Data Validations

No more Reconciliation issues between systems. RiskEdge syncs its Master Data with your systems to ensure all Data being imported into RiskEdge is correct and has passed all Data Validation Rules.

Meta Data Information

Ever wondered what the “Big Picture” for your data would look like? RiskEdge’s Meta Data feature provides you crucial Info about your Data – like huge price jumps that might be a mistake, or when your VaR Settings was changed and by whom, etc.


What Data do we Work With?


Position Data

You can choose to either manually import the positions into the system, or Automatically Import your daily positions from another system or spreadsheets.

Price Data

Daily Prices of all commodities from different markets can either be uploaded manually, or be configured to be picked up automatically from the source.