Super-Easy to Use

User-friendly Interface, built for All Devices

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In our conquest to have more (algorithms, features), we often end-up compromising on usability. The truth is, what’s less Usable always turns out less Useful as well. RiskEdge is built keeping in mind current needs of today’s users – Easy to use Interface that users love to work on along with far better algorithms, features and performance than most other geeky risk systems.

Easy to Use, Gets Used !

What makes RiskEdge Better in Usability?

Traditional Systems

1. Generally Desktop app. Needs installation, localized maintenance.

2. Excel / macro based – slow, really slow.

3. Minor Configurations – hard to understand, tougher to implement.

4. Significant Manual work need pre- and post- VaR Calculations.

5. Throws tons of numbers at you – keeps user busy in understanding output.

6. Complex-looking screens – turns away most Risk users.


1. Web-based, accessible anywhere, anytime, any device.

2. High-performance code, at least 20 times faster than traditional systems.

3. Comes mostly pre-configured and is Easily understandable.

4. Simple, Automated processes through and through.

5. Presents Analysis and User-defined Reports which users understand.

6. Simple User Interface gets more and more people to use it, improves Risk-aware Culture in the company.

Experience Usability


Just because Risk Systems are Complex, they don’t have to be Complicated too !


With RiskEdge, you’ll manage complexity with ease. Easy configurations, video based help files, transparent data and calculations reduce complexity to level where it is appreciated. Easy to use reports and charts eliminate complicated and messy operations entirely.

Multi-Dimensional Report