Automation of Risk Processes

Portfolio Control on your Fingertips

Automation of Risk Processes

Having to track the portfolio closely for early detection of risk can be really tedious. With RiskEdge, almost all your limits can be set-up within the system, which then keeps monitoring the portfolio automatically and alerts you in case of any potential risks. The alerts and daily reports are delivered right into your inbox on all your devices, allowing you to concentrate on devising preventive strategies rather than looking for a needle in a haystack.

Automated Risk Monitoring is a MUST for any sophisticated Risk Function.

What does RiskEdge Automate?


RiskEdge automates all the checking and monitoring for you and sends you alerts via email if any portfolio / position breaches its Quantity, P&L, or Risk limit. These limits can also be set for Business Units or Counterparties or Markets as well.

Reporting & Compliance

Your favorite End-of-Day reports can be configured to be sent to your email daily. Besides, many other reports including Risk Compliance / Audit reports and What-If Scenario analysis can be configured to be sent to designated users.

Data Management

By sending Reconciliation Errors, Data Validation Errors, configuration errors, etc. to emails, RiskEdge ensures that there is no Garbage data inside, and you’re working with reliable, actionable information at all times.

Automation with Complete Visibility

Risk Calculation Process should not be a Black-Box.

RiskEdge provides complete visibility into each and every step of the Risk Calculation process, making it more transparent and understandable. It enables Risk Evangelists within the organization to propagate understading of Risk across the company.

Besides, it makes the entire process seamless, from Data Upload to VaR numbers. Any error reports generated at any stage are sent separately to people in-charge of ensuring smooth running of the process.