With many years of Industry experience offering Risk Consulting for several “Fortune 500” and “Fortune 2000” companies, we at Risk Edge Solutions are in a unique position to inquire about, ask the right questions, thoroughly study, understand and comprehend your business processes – enabling us to offer just the right kind of solutions for your particular highly business-specific problems.

In a moment we will look at the different ways in which you will benefit from our Risk Consulting Services. Before we look at all that we can do for you as part of our Risk Consulting Services, let’s talk a little bit about the issues you may be facing:

Why Risk Consulting? – Your Pain Areas

  • If you realize that although you’re taking as much (or more) risk on your portfolio as your industry peers, your Risk Processes and systems are not as sophisticated as theirs, you’ll need to chalk-out a new path for Risk Management Function for your organization.
  • If you’ve initiated Risk Management Process in your organization, but are unable to determine what (if any) value it is delivering, you might need a thorough study and re-calibration of your Risk Processes.
  • If lack of proper Guidelines on what’s too much Risk and what’s too little, is driving your traders and other functions to take risks randomly, your organization needs to integrate risk processes across the board.
  • If you are not sure whether your systems, algorithms for risk and valuations, processes and Risk policies are accurate, relevant, and scalable, you’d need to do a gap analysis between your systems and processes and the industry best practices.
  • If you need specific modeling / risk related problems to be solved, and you either do not have experts in-house, you’d need risk experts who can understand your business problems and suggest applicable models and solutions.
Risk Consulting - Risk Edge

Benefits from Risk Consulting:

  • Give confidence to the shareholders, the board and the entire team in managing enterprise risks better by formulating a set of guidelines for risk management suited to your specific business needs.
  • Reduce time-consuming daily guidance from senior management and allow them more time to focus on business. You’ll achieve this through seamless integration across various functions and how they deal with various risks and different levels of risks on a daily basis.
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of risk management in your organization, giving you more insights into the Return on Investment (RoI) for Risk Management.
  • Find the right solutions for your specific modeling and other risk related problems.
  • Identify areas of improvement in your systems and algorithms as reviewed by our team of experts.


Risk Consulting: What we do

  • Formulate / Update your Risk Management Policy, which will act as a general guideline for various functions within the organization, defining “Risk Appetite” for each of them and the procedure to follow those guidelines.
  • Implementing Risk Management Policy across your organization, explaining general and exceptional operating procedures to each function (trading, risk management, finance, MIS, Supply Chain & Logistics, IT, Operations) and hand-holding them in those procedures till they are proficient in following and executing the guidelines.
  • Creating effectiveness measurement parameters for the organization that will help you assess how effective is your Risk Management function.
  • Creating standard Monitoring and Control Procedures to ensure that the Risk Policy is adhered to, and the organization is deriving the required benefits from the entire Risk process.
  • Review existing applications / spreadsheets for their accuracy, flexibility, scalability, comprehensiveness and performance
  • Assisting in setting requirements for a Risk Management system

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