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RiskEdge Launches SaaS Version

(27 March 2014) Risk Edge Solutions, a Global provider of Commodity Risk Management Solutions, announced today┬áthe launch of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) version of its flagship Software Product, RiskEdge. RiskEdge is already available as an On-premise Software. The SaaS version of RiskEdge, named RiskEdge Lite, will contain most of the basic features of the RiskEdge Enterprise version, and is available on a “plug-and-play” basis to its users.

RiskEdge Lite is delivered with a single per-annum Pricing, with Maintenance and Customizations built into the license costs. It allows clients to keep upgrading to the latest features in RiskEdge Lite without having to worry about another installation process and additional customization costs.

“We’re very excited with the successful launch of RiskEdge Lite”, said Nitin Gupta, Founder and Principal Risk Consultant of Risk Edge Solutions. “Not only is RiskEdge Easy-to-use, but with RiskEdge Lite, its Easy to pay also. RiskEdge Lite, which is hosted on RiskEdge’s secure servers, already hosts 3 clients who use the application to upload their daily positions and generate Risk & Compliance Reports. It is a great solution for small to Medium sized Energy and Commodity Companies who are looking to break out of the daily Excel grind and want a risk solution within their budget. We are very pleased to have met this huge Industry need so fast and efficiently.”

RiskEdge Lite enables automation of most tedious and error-prone Risk processes. By managing all open positions and price data centrally, RiskEdge provides transparent and reliable information, improving the comfort in decision-making. It helps organizations get rid of excel based processes, and get on to a scalable system that they can continue to use even as they grow and diversify. RiskEdge is thoroughly tested and maintains complete security between users from different companies.