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Risk Edge Unveils World’s Largest Pricing Library

Exotic Options & Structured Products(Aug 15, 2014) Risk Edge has announced today the release of its Instrument Pricing Library. The library is the world’s largest collection of instruments pricing algorithms in a single web-based Risk System for Energy and Commodity companies. The library contains many simple and exotic derivative instruments with multiple pricing methods for many instruments. The instrument pricing algorithms are suitably adapted for the unique needs of Commodity players.

The library contains various kinds of plain vanilla and exotic derivative instrument pricing. It includes Plain Vanilla Options, Asian Options, all kinds of Barrier Options, Binary / Digital Options and Look-back Options. The Library also has many options with multiple exercises and multiple assets. The list of the instruments that are covered in the library can be accessed here.

On the release of this Instrument Pricing Library, Nitin Gupta, Founder & CEO of Risk Edge said, “We are very pleased with this delivery from our research team with a single-minded focus on fulfilling one of the most delayed and critical demand of the industry. It is undoubtedly the single most comprehensive Library ever created within a Web-based Risk System in the ETRM / CTRM Industry.”

Elaborating on how this Library will be useful for Energy / Commodity Industry players, he added, “All of us know someone who isn’t happy with their excel-add-in based Risk System. Companies have forever had to choose between Sophistication of the system and its Ease-of-use, but not any more. Now the companies have an easy-to-use, scalable Risk system that is also advanced in the analytics it offers and its instrument coverage.”

Speaking on the design of this Library he said, “What’s even more important than the number of instruments covered, is its design. We’ve designed the library such that many more instruments with bespoke models can be seamlessly added without affecting the system. This is a very crucial achievement for maintaining scalability of RiskEdge. Besides, the Library is based on a standard API which we will soon release as open source so that many more Algorithm developers worldwide can contribute to this growing library.”