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 Risk Edge moves to Amazon Cloud

(27 Oct 2014) Risk Edge Solutions today announced that it has made its application, RiskEdge, live on Amazon Cloud. Previously, the SaaS version of RiskEdge was run from a private cloud that was maintained by Risk Edge’s IT Infrastructure team. Risk Edge announced this move as a need to provide better security features and scalability options to its existing clients on SaaS.

Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of Risk Edge said, “This latest move by Risk Edge is in line with our vision and market demands. More and more people today are looking at advanced and scalable options that’s also well within their budgets. With RiskEdge application on Cloud, we can offer our clients all of that, with better security and back-up facilities.” All client data is securely backed-up everyday on Amazon, automatically.

He added, “With this, we’ll be able to offer far better value in terms of costs and scalability to our clients. Companies with smaller portfolio don’t need to may much for using cloud as they don’t use as many resources, while companies with bigger / growing portfolios can scale the infrastructure in real time as per their needs. The existing application is designed to accommodate multiple layers of security to protect confidential client data. Its a winning proposition for us and our clients.”