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Risk Edge launches Derivist

Derivist - The Derivative Pricing Expert


(HYDERABAD, India – Dec. 8, 2015) Risk Edge Solutions, a Commodity Risk Management Solutions company today announced the launch of its new product Derivist – an Online Pricing Engine for many standard and structured derivative instruments. Derivist is aimed towards people from trading, finance, risk management, supply chain and investment banking functions to help them price their standard and exotic derivative instruments with ease.

“Despite the wide usage of structured derivatives, it is surprising how few tools are available to people today for valuing them. We aim to meet this need with Derivist, so that people can easily price their exotic / structured derivative instruments, even on the go. With Derivist, we are opening a new world of opportunities for a lot of people.”, said Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of Risk Edge.

Instrument Coverage

Derivist (beta) will currently cover 20 different derivative instruments including various plain vanilla American and European Options, and structured derivative products such as Asian Options, Standard Barrier Options, Binary Options (Cash or Nothing and Asset of Nothing) and Spread Options. The instrument coverage will be increased in future releases of Derivist over the next 2 months.

Pricing and Availability

Derivist is currently being offered for no charge to everyone. “Since this is the first time an advanced pricing engine is made freely available over web, we would like more and more people to benefit from it. We”ll keep releasing features and expanding the instrument coverage based on feedback from our users. However, as load on our servers increases, we may have to start charging the users at a later point of time.”, said Mr. Gupta.

About Risk Edge:
Risk Edge provides Commodity Risk Management Solutions. Its Flagship Software Product, RiskEdge, is a world-class Integrated Risk Analytics Platform that meets all Market and Credit Risk Management related requirements for commodity companies. RiskEdge can accommodate unique commodity business processes with ease, is really Easy-to-Use because of its web-interface and is offers a complete Risk Analytics solution to its users. The company was established in 2013 and is based in Hyderabad, India, with presence in 6 countries through its channel partners.