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Risk Edge launches 3 New Platforms

(Jun 1, 2017) Risk Edge Solutions, a global leader in Risk & Predictive Analytics for Commodity companies, today announced simultaneous launch of 3 new platforms for Risk & Predictive Analytics. Mr. Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of Risk Edge, explained about these platforms:

P&L Simulation: “Our first platform is P&L Simulation, where our clients can simulate various input parameters like prices, currencies, differentials, inventory, demand & supply, etc. and see their impact in real-time on their P&L. The platform is online, and very flexible such that it can be customized to any clients’ requirements in less than 1 week. All the calculations are done in-memory, and users can see the simulations through interactive charts and 3D graphs – which will give them deeper understanding of non-linear relations between various parameters in their P&L, and help them manage their market risks better.”

Market Data: Giving a description of the 2nd platform, he said, “We’ve also launched a Market Data platform, which collects and analyzes daily EOD market prices of almost 150 commodities. The prices can be seen upto 20 years back. This platform is available to all our clients and subscribers, and given that it is mobile & tablet compatible, it is a very handy tool for traders and Finance team. The prices are updated daily, which are collected from reliable sources using in-built APIs.”

Predicting Prices, Demand, Yield: Explaining about the 3rd platform, Mr. Gupta said, “Our 3rd platform is for Predicting Crude Oil prices 1 year ahead. It uses many fundamental factors (like OPEC Supply, Inventories, etc.) along with advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, to predict Crude Oil Prices. Using this platform, users can build their own models, analyze the statistical relationships between various parameters, and look at the robustness of the model as they are building it. Once they are happy with the model that they’ve built, they can use it to predict the Crude Prices for 1 year, sometimes even 18 months ahead. The platform has advanced charting and 3D graphs available which enable users to go deeper into their analysis of the model. This platform can be easily adapted to suit any other commodity / asset by changing the fundamental data, and can also be used to predict demand, supply, or yield of various commodities.”

Elaborating about these platforms, he said, “All of these platforms are in production in some form with our clients. They are built on latest technologies, and all have in-memory computations and parallel processing enabled. All of these platforms can be very easily adapted to suit custom requirements within 1 or 2 weeks, which makes them really good value for our clients.” 

Giving an insight about the feedback on these platforms from the clients, he said, “Most of our clients are like – Wow ! We’ve not seen something so interactive and fast before ! They are quite happy with these platforms for now. We’re very encouraged by this feedback, and we’re moving fast to further enhance functionalities within each of these platforms.”