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CTRM Center covers Risk Edge Solutions


(13 Jan 2014) CTRMCenter, World’s leading Analyst Firm in the E/CTRM Industry, today covered Risk Edge Solutions. Dr. Gary Vasey, a renowned Industry Expert with over 29 years of experience in Energy & Commodity Trading and Managing Director with ComTech Advisory, the parent company of CTRM Center, said, “I was given a short demonstration of the RiskEdge Software and I thought it looked good. The software is web-enabled allowing it to be deployed in SaaS/hosted or on premises configurations and also quite comprehensive.” He also added, “The solution is certainly well thought through and should gain traction initially particularly at smaller trading firms where there is a need to perform better risk management on a real system.” 

Mr. Nitin Gupta, Founder & CEO of Risk Edge Solutions responded, “It is very encouraging to have leading Industry Experts like Dr. Gary acknowledge the utility and comprehensiveness of our solution. It is not everyday that someone who is trying to bring sweeping changes to an established Industry is so whole-heartedly welcomed by Industry Leaders. It really means a lot to the entire RES Team.”  

The complete article can be accessed here.