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RiskEdge allows you to manage Market or Price Risks on each and every of your portfolios, right down to the transaction level. Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall frameworks enable you to steer clear of risky situations and associated Greeks provide deeper insights into your trades.



Value at Risk (VaR): The Global Standard in Risk Management

  • RiskEdge is built on globally accepted VaR Framework, and is thoroughly tested to ensure accurate results
  • Each of your trades has its own Marginal VaR & Component VaR numbers
  • Portfolio VaR is calculated for each and every portfolio, and sub-portfolio – aggregated right to the top.


Expected Shortfall (ES): Your Second Line of Defense

  • RiskEdge is one of the very few Global systems that enable Expected Shortfall (ES) for Commodity trades and portfolios
  • ES answers “How bad can a bad day get?” – a question that VaR does not answer.
  • [You can learn more about ES in our Blog post “Commodity Risk Management beyond VaR“]


Greeks: Your Edge in Trading

  • Greeks associated with each and every trade and portfolio gives an edge to both traders and Risk Managers
  • Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho – are all tested thoroughly for accuracy.


Model Calibrations: Suited to your unique needs

  • The Models are built flexibly to allow you to customize them significantly to your business’s needs
  • User-Defined VaR methodologies – Parametric, Monte-Carlo, Historical and
  • User-Defined Volatility Methods – Unconditional (Standard), Conditional (EWMA).
  • User-defined Settings for Standard Settings such as Holding period, data range, Confidence Interval and many more.
  • You can even Calibrate Mean Returns, Epsilon, random number seed, etc. for better results.


The Tech Edge: Accuracy, delivered at Blazing Speed

  • RiskEdge uses latest advancements in technology to deliver more accurate results through intense processing, faster.
  • Billions of Simulations can be delivered at a speed that you need with a little additional investment in hardware
  • Parallel processing enables RiskEdge to deliver results in almost real-time


Every Transaction Type: No Trade left behind

  • Valuations and processing logic available for all kinds of transactions – Derivatives and Physicals
  • Exotic Derivative products and Unique Physicals like Unpriced / Basis / Physical Index, etc. are handled with ease – not just for valuation, but also for VaR & ES calculations along with Greeks.

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