Insights – World’s Biggest Risk Management Failures

Case Studies, Analysis & Lessons worth US $ 335 billion

World's Biggest Risk Management FailuresAll of us have read or at least heard of case studies of big organizations incurring huge losses. But the questions surrounding those failures are perhaps bigger than any single event.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Were those failures primarily due to poor Risk Management, or just chance events?
  • Which single factor caused most of the failures?
  • What did the total losses from various events measure up to?
  • What are the lessons for us from these failures?

Besides covering 21 case studies of different Risk Management failures, we analyse what caused those failures. We also analyze the events by industry and time period to derive deeper insights into patterns of these failure events.

Here’s what you’ll read inside:

  • Analysis of World’s 21 Biggest Risk Management Failures, by Industry and time
  • Case Studies covering each of the failure events very briefly
  • 21 Lessons to be learnt from these Failures
  • References for further reading


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