Issues with Poorly built Risk Function:

  • The overall understanding of Risk Management is with a handful of people, but the execution layer does not understand it properly.
  • Your organization might have defined quantity and stop-loss limits, but they are not yet formulated into a policy which defines risk limits as well.
  • Your organization’s senior and middle management needs a buy-in for the Risk Management concept and the need for managing risks better.
  • You need people who are well-acquainted with intricacies of Risk Management, process which reflect industry best practices, tools which enable managing the entire initiative and a control and monitoring process which ensures that the policy is being adhered to.
  • Your organization is growing and increasingly dealing with complex structured products and need better understanding of not just those OTC products, their valuations and hedging mechanisms, but also a deeper knowledge of managing Risks across the increasingly complex portfolio.


Initiate Risk Management – its Time !


Risk Management Process











  • A Risk Policy which will provide guidelines, limits and guidance for managing Price, Credit and some areas of operations Risks across the organization.
  • People with good understanding of how the entire process works, how it will benefit the organization and what is their contribution to this process on a periodic basis.
  • A Software solution to automate deal valuations and Risk calculations and to integrate meaningful output through its reports, alerts and dashboards into your daily operations.
  • A committee of senior and top management people with defined responsibilities of governing compliance of the policy and processes and monitoring the output and changes from time to time.