Custom Blockchain Development

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Smart Contracts Developement

Implement your own Smart Contracts using Ethereum or Hyperledger. We can help you build completely secure Smart Contracts.

Private Blockchain Development

Implement a Private Blockchain or a DApp (Decentralized Application). We can help you choose the most suitable applications for doing this.

How does it work?

In first phase custom Blockchain model of business as proof-of-concept is delivered, which is thereafter shaped as full fledged Business Solution. In certain cases we have integrated these solutions with our in-house developed Machine Learning Algorithms for Predictive & Risk Analysis, ensuring a better future for the business. As we strongly believe in, it’s not too far in future when businesses will run entirely on Blockchain Technology and that will be the new Internet.

Why Risk Edge?

If you are looking for a custom blockchain solution for your business, RiskEdge Solutions is your destination. We present a rare combination of Predictive & Risk Analytics Solution with Blockchain Technology based Business solution. Our team is regarded as energetic, passionate, well experienced in latest technologies and committed to timely delivery of quality product by various renowned enterprises and startups.

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