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Predictive & Risk Analytics

What is Risk Edge?

Risk Edge delivers Predictive & Risk Management Solutions. Our Software Product, RiskEdge, not only handles your Market and Credit Risks, but also has the World’s biggest Derivative Instrument Pricing Library of algorithms. RiskEdge can accommodate unique Commodity processes with ease, is really Easy-to-Use because of its web-interface and is priced well within the budget for most companies. We also have a Risk Consulting practice for companies with specific Risk Policy or Modelling requirements.

RiskEdge Software

RiskEdge is a powerful Predictive & Risk Analytics Tool for Global Energy & Commodity players. Designed by a team of Commodity domain experts with latest technology, RiskEdge has built robust platforms for predicting variables using Machine Learning Algorithms. Risk Edge also has one of the world’s largest Derivative Pricing Libraries. Read on to know how you can save time, reduce costs and improve efficiency with RiskEdge.

Predictive AnalyticsRisk Analytics

RiskEdge Consulting

Our Consulting practice helps you solve problems related to Predictive Analytics, Risk Policy, P&L calculations and implement it too. With extensive domain knowledge of Commodities, & Predictive Analytics and experience of executing large Consulting projects, we find innovative ways to find solutions to your unique problems. Read on to know how we can help you take a giant leap in Predictive & Risk Analytics.

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RiskEdge Software

Designed for Energy & Commodity Companies

RE Screen

RiskEdge is Integrated Predictive & Risk Analytics Platform that enables companies to get deeper Business Insights. Configurable, Easy-to-use and Designed especially for Energy & Commodity Businesses, RiskEdge provides newer and better ways of managing business through analytics.

Derivist – Derivatives Pricing Expert

RiskEdge brings you the World’s Largest Instrument Pricing Library for Commodities – designed to easily add many more in future. Now you never have to worry about an out-dated system ! View the entire Library to see what we’ve got covered, or visit to see it in action !

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Big Data Analytics

RiskEdge’s “Big Data Engine” is built specifically for Commodity & Energy businesses to help you understand hidden patterns, risks, and price trends so businesses can be understood as a whole, and not just in parts ! The in-built models give you a simple, never-before view of your data !

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Market Risk

RiskEdge does valuation & risk (Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall) calculations for all your physical and derivative positions. Its’ Powerful Engine delivers accurate results fast, even with computation intensive methods like Monte-Carlo.

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Credit Risk

Built on GBM Simulations & PFE (Potential Future Exposure) Model, all your counterparties can be evaluated for possible defaults far into the future based on RiskEdge generated forward price curves. 

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We have been looking for a system which is advanced in terms of Risk Analytics capabilities, yet flexible enough to accommodate our unique business processes. We wanted to go beyond VaR-based Risk Management and RiskEdge seems to fit the requirement. They gave a customized demo to us, and even showed us how we could implement our own hedge model through their system, which we did and could see potential savings in our Hedging program straight-away. We are very impressed with the system.
Risk Head, Big Oil Company
RiskEdge is the most comprehensive software solution I've come across. It was easy & quick to set up, and covered all our physical and derivative positions. We were using Excels earlier for our Risk Process, and our manual work has been significantly reduced with RiskEdge. We are now able to view our positions in near real-time and take trading decisions based on better information than we did before.
Risk Manager, Coffee Trading Company
I was given a short demonstration of the RiskEdge Software and I thought it looked good. The software is web-enabled allowing it to be deployed in SaaS/hosted or on premises configurations and also quite comprehensive. The solution is certainly well thought through and should gain traction initially particularly at smaller trading firms where there is a need to perform better risk management on a real system.
Dr. Gary Vasey, Comtech Advisory

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